Car Accident Injury


At The Boerst Law Office, Inc., we understand the difficulties that can arise after a car accident. We have witnessed the injuries and damage that can result from a crash, and understand the struggle some victims may face in trying to recover compensation for their losses.

In Ohio, there are specific rules and regulations that can complicate insurance claims and the recovery of additional damages, such as pain and suffering, in cases of severe injury or death. To help ensure you receive full compensation for your losses, it is important to contact an Ohio attorney who is well-versed in Ohio-specific laws regarding auto accident claims. At The Boerst Law Office, Inc., our car accident attorneys have a history of success handling automobile accident cases throughout Ohio and can help ensure your rights are protected.

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We are committed to representing individuals and families in all of the following:

If you’ve been in a car accident and are unsure of your next step, please fill out our free case review form. An Ohio car accident attorney will review your claim, at no cost to you, to determine if our law firm may be able to help.

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How Can an Ohio Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

Our experienced Car Accident Attorneys will help ensure you receive full benefits from the insurance company and determine whether you can file a claim for additional damages against the party at fault for the crash.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

Handling the case on your own is a very risky option.

Insurance companies are interested in minimizing their economic exposure when a serious injury or wrongful death has occurred. From the time an accident is reported an insurance adjuster begins collecting information in an attempt to reduce the value of your personal injury claim. We know their tactics and can advise you and act on your behalf to immediately begin preparing your claim for the best possible result. We handle each case as if it were to proceed to trial. We are committed to take your case.

Although most personal injury cases settle prior to trial or even a lawsuit, it is critical to have a trial attorney prepare your case so big insurance knows you are prepared and will not take a lowball settlement. If you make the fatal mistake and hire an injury attorney that is afraid to go to trial, the insurance company will know that and use it against you.

Why Should I Pursue a Claim?

Autos are ubiquitous today. Everywhere we travel we encounter other automobiles. Some drivers are speeding; some are distracted by a cell phone or by eating their lunch; others are in their “own world” and show a disregard for anyone else on the road.

In the past 10 years, the developments of electronic devices are creating significantly more driver distractions. A recent Harvard study determined that 570,000 accidents (minor to serious injuries) are caused each year by cell-phone distractions.

Research also indicates that driving while using a cell phone reduces a driver’s response time—making drivers four times as likely to cause an auto accident as other drivers. Complicated business discussions and emotionally involved conversations can also reduce driver reaction times and steal away vital attention.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says about twelve people die every day due to pedestrian/auto accidents, which totals nearly 5,000 Americans dying each year.

The highly skilled Car Accident Attorneys at The Boerst Law Office, Inc. know how traumatic an automobile accident can be to you and a loved one. Our auto accident personal injury attorneys have the experience to help you.

It is important to bring your claim, not only to protect your own rights, but to help promote justice for all.

No one should ever have to suffer physically, financially, or emotionally because of another party’s negligence. That’s why we are so committed to achieving justice for the people in our community who have been injured in auto crashes.


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