Disclaimer: This testimonial or endorsement reflects that particular client’s experience with the identified lawyer or law firm only. It does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises regarding the outcome of your legal matter.


Representation type: Personal Injury – Auto Accident

“I was involved in an automobile accident and had not idea how to handle the situation.  I was scared and didn’t know how I could possible afford an attorney.  After I met with The Boerst Law Office, they put me at ease and promised that I would not have to pay them any money out of my own pocket.  After a few months, I was able to focus on my injuries and working with my doctors while The Boerst Law Office resolved my case for six-figures.  I recommend The Boerst Law Office to anyone and everyone who gets into a car accident!”

– Mary


Representation type: D.U.I.

“Bruce is excellent lawyer. He works with you right away. He was well worth his fee, saving me time off work and taking care of all the background work I would of had to do. I called him on a Saturday and started working on my case that Monday as well as saving my CDL in the end. He puts his all into his case, I highly recommend Bruce.”

– Nancy


Representation type: Felony Criminal Defense

“Not only would I recommend Mr. Boerst to others, I have already done so. The person I referred to him was also happy with the service he received. I believe I most appreciate the fact that Mr. Boerst has worked very hard for me when other attorneys have not. He believed in my case and has put a great deal of effort into seeing it through.”

– klw


Representation type: Personal Injury Auto Accident

“Mr. Boerst represented me when a careless driver left me with serious neck injuries that kept me out of work for almost a year and required invasive cervical surgery. After working with Bruce, it is obvious that he is one of the few attorney’s who genuinely cares about his clients. Not only was I able to get a hold of him at any time of day, but he was always there with knowledgable, sound advice, and a great attitude to go along with it. When the insurance company tried to deny my claim Bruce stepped in and made sure that they paid out the policy limits to cover the medical cost’s, pain and suffering, and time off work that the other driver had burdened me with. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone. He is truly one of the best attorneys in the area.”

– Joel P.


Representation type: TrafficTicket

“I’ve recommended Bruce to everyone that has been in need of legal counsel. He doesn’t treat you like a client, he genuinely cares about you as a friend. He is more knowledgeable than any other attorney I’ve worked with and gets the job done no matter the task. Bruce is a very highly respected member of the law community and I will continue to use him for my own personal counsel as well as recommend him to anyone seeking help.”

– Calen


Representation type: Felony Criminal Defense

“Approximately five years ago I was charged with a criminal offense. I was guilty but other attorneys did not seem to believe in me.  I contacted Bruce for guidance throughout the appeal process as my knowledge of the legal system was very limited. After receiving months of advice and many court appearances, my charges were eventually dropped. Bruce was very professional throughout the entire process and I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

– Ryan K.


Representation type: Scalding/Burn Injury

“I met with SEVERAL attorneys who told me that I did NOT have a case!  I met with Bruce, despite almost giving up.  Attorney Boerst met me at my house and promised to fight for me and my family.  After a fight with the insurance company, Attorney Bruce Boerst Jr. was able to resolve my case for $500,000.00”

– Author wishes to remain anonymous due to a confidential settlement


Representation type: Multiple DUI and Misc. Criminal Defense

“I have been represented by The Boerst Law Office on three separate occasions and each time could not have been more pleased. His knowledge and handling of the cases was exceptional.  Truly second to none!  I was charged with OVI on two different occasions and both were reduced after Mr. Boerst worked his magic. I would highly recommend Mr Boerst for anyone in need of an attorney! Thanks for all the help!”

– Nick


Representation type: Business Litigation

“I’ve had to consult with Bruce on several occasions regarding some situations in which I needed legal advice. He always is quick to respond and generates original ideas with an open mind. I’m always eager to hear his perspective on things as it unveils new angles I had never considered.”

– Tyler