School Suspension & Expulsion

Facing a potential suspension or expulsion in school can be overwhelming for any student. If your child has recently been informed that he or she is facing suspension or expulsion, know that you have rights. Occasionally, a school is required by law to remove a student from the school premises for a certain period of time either through expulsion or suspension. There are many different causes that can lead to an expulsion or suspension, but one fact remains: you need to take action by consulting with an experienced Ohio School Suspension & Expulsion Attorney as soon as possible.

Your student has rights and deserves representation to fight to protect his or her future and the long-term implications of a suspension or expulsion.

What Is A Suspension Or Expulsion?

Suspension involves temporarily removing a child from school for violating school policies or rules, usually for up to 10 days. Expulsion is a more permanent removal of the child for more serious violations. Some expulsions can be as long as one year, and some can be permanent.

Ohio law grants local boards of education discretion in making policies for suspension and expulsion that are not mandatory, so make sure you understand the Discipline Code for your particular school. Generally, actions that warrant mandatory expulsion may include:

  • Committing an act that would be criminal if an adult committed it;
  • Bringing a firearm or knife to school, school functions or extracurricular activities;
  • Making a threat to commit violence at a school.

Permanent expulsion is very rare, but it means you may never again attend a public school in Ohio. It is only possible if you are at least 16 and are convicted of a serious delinquent act.

An Experienced Ohio Suspension & Expulsion Lawyer Can Help You

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