Ohio Sex Crime Defense

You Cannot Afford to Plead Guilty to a Sex Crime

An accusation of a sex crime is one of the most damaging allegations that an individual can face. Even if you are entirely innocent, you may have difficulty proving your innocence and shaking off the stigma that this accusation brings. For this reason, it is crucial that you have an experienced sex crimes defense attorney on your side.

At The Boerst Law Office, we fight for people in Ohio who are charged with sex crimes. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the charges that you face and work to clear your name. You can schedule your free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer at our firm by contacting us immediately.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Case

If someone accuses you of sexual assault or some other sex crime, your reputation and future are on the line. Without legal counsel, you could severely damage your case and hurt your chances to obtain justice. Our attorneys have extensive criminal defense experience and know how to investigate the charges that you face. We will build a strong defense that represents your side of the story in court and ensures that your rights are protected.

Do Not Put Your Future on the Line

Our attorneys know how to fight your sex crime charges aggressively. They will do everything they can to get the best possible outcome for your case. The sooner you start building a defense against your sex crime charges, the better.