Ohio Theft Offenses

Theft Charges

Theft is levied against individuals accused of purposefully depriving someone of property without their consent or taking / exerting control over another person’s property through deception, threats, or intimidation. Penalties for theft vary widely and are determined based on the circumstances and the value of the goods taken.

For instance, theft of goods whose value is less than $1,000 is commonly known as “petty theft” and is a first degree misdemeanor. Punishment can be as long as six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, and restitution to the victim. As the value of goods or property taken rises, so does the seriousness of the charge.

It is incredibly important to fight your theft charge(s).  The word “theft” implies that you are a thief.  It is a crime against your “moral turpitude” and carries significant weight in the eyes of future employers. 

To fight theft and fraud charges you need experienced criminal defense attorneys who understand the case that the prosecution will build and can fight back against it. Call now!